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Best Youtube Channel for Class 10

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The class 10th test preparation process might be difficult. However, students now have access to YouTube, where many teachers offer their lessons for free. Because of this, we will discuss the top YouTube channel for students in class 10 in this post. There are several excellent YouTube teaching channels available nowadays that may aid students in their board exam preparation by providing them with advice and lecture videos.

The Benefits of Educational YouTube Channels

  • The first thing to keep in mind is that you can only focus for a short period of time. In reality, a 50/10 study session is a well-known study method. This implies that you spend 50 minutes studying before taking a 10-minute break.
  • Many YouTube channels do a wonderful job of making sure that each lesson is succinct and to the point. This makes it simple to focus without getting fatigued or distracted.
  • YouTube videos also have the advantage of being visually appealing without being as distracting as study sessions. Studying with friends may be enjoyable, but it can also be simple to get off topic and discuss subjects unrelated to the subject at hand.

Best motivational channels for pupils in class 10

  • Aman Dhattarwal

Young pupils find a lot of motivation in him. Preparation for the Class 12 board exams, college admission, and career opportunities are covered on this channel.

  • Shobit Nirwan

Videos about motivation, CBSE board exam tips, real-world examples, and competitive exam tips are available on this channel.

  • Atharva Puranik

You can find all of the Class 10 math, science, and inspirational advice on this channel.

Top YouTube channels for class 10

  • Toppr Study

One of the most well-liked YouTube channels for class 9 and 10 preparation is topper studies. 1.54 million people subscribe to it. And it’s one of the top resources for learning math for classes 9 and 10. With the aid of their video lectures, Toppr Study explains each idea in detail using a variety of ways and tactics. For pupils, they make learning enjoyable and simple.

  • Bodhaguru

Another well-liked class 10th YouTube channel with 1.2 million subscribers is The Bodhaguru. More than 100 video lectures on nearly every subject are available. Bodhaguru makes an effort to explain complex concepts to pupils through concrete examples. In addition, they offer Hindi and English versions of their video courses. Check out this YouTube Channel if you’re studying for the CBSC board examinations for class 10th.

  • Mathematics class X

Another excellent YouTube study channel with hundreds of in-depth video lessons for class 10 is Mathematics class X. 5,28,000 people are their subscribers. It is among the greatest channels for getting ready for the CBSC math exam for class 10. On nearly every subject, they provide hundreds of video lectures. A distinct playlist has also been made for each of the other subjects, in addition to that.

  • LearnoHub

Another excellent YouTube channel for students in grades 9 and 10 is The LearnoHub. One of the top YouTube channels for class 9th or 10th CBSC test preparation, they have 1,565k followers. ExamFear education, an online resource for free education, operates this channel. LearnoHub offers easy-to-understand chapter-by-chapter video courses that cover challenging subjects. You should absolutely check out this channel if you are in class 9 or 10 and getting ready for your CBSC exam.

  • Ganit Guru 

Only mathematics is covered by the Ganit Guru for the CBSC class 10 board. Despite the fact that they have over 40,000 YouTube subscribers. The nicest thing about the Ganit Guru YouTube channel is that it has topic-by-topic video lectures on mathematics that break down all the challenging ideas into incredibly simple explanations to aid students in their exams. In addition, they offer Hindi and English versions of their video courses.

  • Apni Kaksha

Aman Bhaiya, also known as Aman Dhattarwal, manages the channel Apni Kaksha, which focuses on teaching pupils for free in the ninth and tenth grades. Students in classes 9 and 10 who want to study, develop, and live beautiful lives can access high-quality instruction on this YouTube channel. There are over 88 thousand subscribers to this channel.

  • Dear Sir

One of the most well-known professors is Dear Sir. Both of the professors on Dear Sir’s YouTube channel are fantastic; one teaches English and the other Math. This channel has aided class 10 through this trying period by posting the entire Math chapter series.

In addition, this channel is the top YouTube channel for quality math tips and techniques. For the greatest English and math preparation for class 10, use this channel.

  • Vedantu 

For students in classes 9 and 10, there is a YouTube channel called Vedantu class 9 & 10. This channel also uploads videos of ICSE board courses in addition to CBSE courses. Additionally, there are videos and lessons accessible for the school-level NTSE, PRMO, NSO, and other competitive exams. They routinely release Q&As for students who have questions in addition to the lesson and educational films. The professors at Vedantu do a great job of mentoring the students and assisting them in finding answers to their questions.


Not only does the YouTube channel Dromstudy post lesson videos just for class 10, but also for every class. Don’t worry if you have questions about many subjects; they address all of them. They concentrate on creating one of the greatest learning experiences for the kids with qualified, experienced professors. You can suggest this channel to your friends or siblings who are in a different class because it also posts tutorials for all courses.

Dronstudy was built with the assistance of IITians, scientists, and IIT-JEE professors.

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Students may learn at home with the help of an online instructor, saving them time and effort that might be used to learn. These YouTube educational channels support a welcoming, committed, and engaging learning atmosphere. By clicking on their names or headings, you can access these YouTube channels for class 10 students. You’ll be sent to these channels directly.

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