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Benefits of Cloud Hosting (Complete Guide 2021)

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Cloud hosting has skyrocketed in popularity within the industry for the several benefits it brings to the table. It is highly affordable and provides extreme scalability, performance and flexibility that boost the growth of your business, whether big or small. Its vivid features are quite unique. So let us first understand what cloud computing entails.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing refers to the application of software and hardware being supplied mostly through the internet network. It is a complex framework that embodies the smooth functioning of hardware, remote devices, software and computation. Basically, internet-based computing is called cloud computing. You don’t need to download software to run programs and applications on your physical device, since cloud computing allows you to accomplish that via the internet.

Cloud computing runs its main functions on a machine that is placed at another place, desperate than what is used at present. The processing and storage of data gathered are carried on by remote servers known as cloud servers. Hence the device itself does not need to handle as much work pressure, as the cloud takes care of a majority of it.

What are the advantages of cloud hosting?

  • Variety of pricing plans to choose from

Most hosting plans need you to pay a monthly fee for the services you rent, regardless of whether you put them to use or not. Cloud hosting, on the other hand, allows you to pay only for the resources that you use which makes it extremely cost-effective. So in case of special occasions that you suspect might spike your traffic, you don’t have to go through the hassle of changing your package, you can easily just adjust the resources you use to accommodate the amount of traffic you encounter. So you can use additional resources when it is high, and come down to the average amount once things go back to normal. So you do not have to pay excess for the resources you are not using, just for the ones you need.

  • Data security

One of the main problems every Business owner worries about is data security. You could own a start-up or be the CEO of the world’s biggest consultant, the security of your data is still going to keep you up at night. Hackers gaining access to your data and various other cybersecurity attacks can harm the reputation of the company along with the trust your clients have in you and the amount of money you bring in. There are several security features that you can avail of in cloud servers that ensure the safety of your data.

Various functions such as data processing, controlling access, authentication, encryption, etc all receive a level of protection from cloud storage service. Following that, a majority of enterprises provide additional security features along with this baseline to keep your confidential and sensitive information safe.

  • Highly scalable

You can easily manage to scale your resources according to the amount you need, as we have discussed above. You can also gain access to brilliant cloud features such as site management that allows you to gain a bird’s eye view of the performance and anticipated progress or downfall your site can look forward to. You don’t have to get into contact with your web hosting provider every time you want to scale the amount of resources you use. You can do it in a blink of an eye whenever you want.

  • Highly reliable

Cloud computing leads to minimum data loss as well as reduced downtime. This refers to the reliability of hosting. Since cloud hosting solutions includes a number of servers, it increases its reliability. It boosts data redundancy by at least 3 stages by employing data mirroring. It basically means your data will be copied and placed in 3 distinct cabinets, drives, and servers. It gives enhanced protection for your data. Keeping your data secure in multiple locations curbs the possibility of data loss due to man-made or natural disasters. It also makes data recovery extremely easy, adding to its overall reliability.

  • Curb the impact you have on the environment

Cloud hosting reduces the toll that traditional hosting solutions might take on the environment. The number of data centres used decreases, while you also consume only the resources that you require, instead of hoarding or grappling for straws in case of traffic rise and fall. Your impact on the environment decreases when you can gain complete control over the data and resources you employ.

  • Easy access from mobile devices

You can use mobile devices and other smartphones to gain access to your data in cloud computing that helps guarantee that everybody stays updated. Time and distance is not a concern, since everybody who is allowed can gain access and stay on board of the happenings with their colleagues and clients.

You can gain access around the clock via your choice of device through the internet. The best feature of cloud computing is its automatic updates and upgrades which reduces the effort and time the team had to put in for system maintenance.

  • Easy to navigate Server Management Dashboard

Previously, you needed to have knowledge about complex technical processes to be able to navigate cloud servers in order to scale your resources or manage your server. However, with all the progress that cloud hosting has achieved the process of scaling whenever you need to and keeping a tab on your hosting has become incredibly straightforward through the updated dashboard. Every common man can successfully navigate the cloud server without possessing any technical expertise.

  • Boosts the speed of your website

In order to ensure your site or page ranks at the top of the search engine, you need to offer optimum speed to your audience. This is the reason for businesses pouring resources into speeding their site up. Cloud hosting helps boost the speed of your website. The lag time of the transmission of data once it is requested by a user is decreased enormously with cloud servers as being spread across entire geographical locations enables them to send data from the server closest to the user. In addition to this, caching is also integrated by cloud hosting between servers and clients, as well as within the servers, which helps profoundly increase the speed.

  • Complete control

Keeping your confidential data under your control is crucial to the well being of any business. If sensitive information ends up with the wrong person, within or outside the organisation, the consequences could be dire.

Cloud helps you retain a vice grip on your data and extreme visibility. It is completely in your control to permit employees to only have access to specific parts of your database. It helps to keep your data safe and helps your employees focus on the documents related to their work. It also boosts collaboration and makes the process simple to navigate. You don’t have to make multiple copies, as people can make updates in the same shared one.

  • Increase in availability and uptime

The physical site of your server is responsible for the uptime you provide in traditional web hosting. Your site is tied to it, so when it does dark, your site experiences downtime too. Your site’s downtime can be decreased by employing a CDN of course. 

Cloud hosting is founded on an infrastructure that values providing high uptime. It provides you access to the resources of several servers at the same time. Hence, if one of them does offline due to any reason, you can use the resources from another server to keep you online. Cloud computing also provides you incredible scalability, as discussed above, which means you can borrow additional resources at will to avoid downtime during a spike in traffic.


As time passes, a majority of businesses are opting for cloud computing due to its wide variety of features and benefits. Businesses, small and big, recognise the advantages of cloud computing on various aspects of their business like security, production, revenue and collaboration. Like cloud hosting, managed VPS hosting is also a good hosting solution to host high traffic and eCommerce websites. Employing a cloud-based solution can help curb several issues that businesses have to face while relying only on in-house resources.

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