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All You Need to know about Digital Wellness

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Employees working for the IT sector are seen in front of the screen of their gadgets. The flow of each creative work depends on professionals  based on the switch time. Additionally, it’s human nature that has increased screen time for each employee. Relaxed bing scroll on social media platforms, frequent check on emails, chat boxes etc are a few such examples that increase our screen time unconsciously. 

A life without technology is beyond imagination at this point of time. Even in the industrial world, employers opt for various applications such as payroll software in India to decrease the workload of the employees.these applications have increased efficiency and productivity of the organization. With luxurious digital wellness has been ignored since ages. Let’s start with a basic understanding of digital wellness.

What is digital wellness ?

Digital wellness is implicated to a healthy state of physical and mental health in the age of digital transformation. Digital wellness aims at implementation of preventive measures in improving a healthy utilization of digital technology. 

The question arises amid the new work world which is solely based on technology. 

“ How to ensure digital wellness in the digital world of work ?” 

It is a  milestone at this point of time to ensure digital wellness amid virtual mode of work. Here are a few tips that can ensure digital wellness if implemented religiously:

Blocked slots of digital time 

Maintaining digital wellness is not only the responsibility of the employer but the employee to constrain himself/herself with a routine to ensure digital wellness. One such measure is to fix a time slot where the employee can work on writing product documents etc. take time off the desk and choose a relaxed spot. A preventive measure will be to lock digital gadgets such as mobile phones away for that period of time.

A technical solution for digital wellness

Technological advancements provide solutions to ensure digital wellness. There are applications that allow  the employee to schedule a routine time to check notifications instead of pooping bings on mobile phones or laptop screens. The customary options provide the employee with a selective application that can light up the screen at the time of essential notifications. 

Plan meetings

Fragmentation of work routine can be harmful. A frequent unannounced meeting at any point of time can adversely affect the regime. It is essential to plan a specific time for meetings, be it for any kind of discussion or design review. 

Pretend to be a part of the gig workforce

Surveys have shown that the majority of the employed population have started to consider being a gig employee. Let’s face facts, it is not possible for each and every employee. But while functioning virtually an employee can pretend to be a gig worker. An employee is not required to stick to his/her screen for all the logged in hours. An employee can schedule fixed hours for working and take a digital detox break. Such an initiative can help you plan a non digital hour to indulge in various productive activities. For instance, the payroll team works as one of the essential pillars of the organization. Certainly the employees have a lot of responsibilities which might require them to stick to their screen for long hours. Technological advancements such as payroll software in India have aimed to decrease the workload of the team which allows them to pretend as a gig worker. 

There are a few ways that can establish a healthy digital environment. Organizations can implement a few protocols in such cases.

  • Building a work culture that encourages a digital free environment. Maintaining a protocol that restricts contacting the employee after login hours or assigning a project that might require the employee to exceed working hours. 
  • Planning activities that don’t involve gadgets. 

A digital wellness campaign is a key feature to ensure employee wellness. If an employee is stressed due to lack of digital detox any application be it payroll software or HR software a declined productivity curve can be experienced. 

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