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Airport Shuttle App Development: Consider these recommendations for your App like Uber for Airport

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How would you feel when you have a chauffeur waiting for you outside the airport to drop you at your desired location? You will be more pleased to receive such a guest treatment after a tiring journey, right? Not only you but also everyone is looking forward to such a warm welcome as they travel outstation for their personal or business reasons.

Several companies have met such expectations of customers by the launch of their on-demand airport shuttle apps. Offering airport shuttle services on-demand has fulfilled the needs of the customers who wish to travel with comfort on foreign lands. 

If you wish to enter a new on-demand business vertical, then airport shuttle services are a great option to consider. Serving the demand for such services will help you have the upper hand in the thriving on-demand industry. But before getting into the shuttle app development, you need to understand how the app functions and what you can do to stand out from the crowd. 

Features needed for the seamless functioning of the Airport shuttle app:

Ride booking: Users should be able to book rides even after they arrive at the airport. 

Ride scheduling: Allow users to schedule their rides priorly, so they do not have to worry about their transportation as they arrive at the airport.

List of drivers: Provide details of the drivers along with their ratings. It helps users to make informed decisions.

Means of transport: List the types of transportation modes, such as cars, buses, minivans on your application so that users can choose the transport option based on their convenience. Moreover, such an option will make them use your application on a regular basis for travel necessities. 

Geolocation tracking: The users should be able to track the location of their drivers through GPS map integration. It makes it easy for them to track their drivers’ arrival.

Online payment integration: Allow the users to pay for their rides even before the date of the travel. This confirms the arrival of the users, along with generating income for the drivers beforehand.

Push notifications: Keep your users updated with the drivers’ details, vehicle number, and the location of the driver. It helps them stay informed of their trip.

Ratings and reviews: Provide an option for the users to rate and review the service offered to them. It helps other users to choose the drivers based on the feedback given.

Also, there are a few factors listed below that you should be aware of during the set up of your on-demand airport shuttle services.

Economically convenient mode of transportation 

There are chances for your app to be a hit among your target audience because of the convenience it offers to the users.

With the rising economy, people are finding it harder to spend large sums of money for their travel. Hence, they embrace services that offer them comfort at affordable prices. It frees them from the hassles they face during the common transportation modes whenever they travel to their native lands or business trips.

Also, they are freed from the burden of paying the parking charges and fuel costs. They no longer have to worry about the maintenance of their vehicle when they are travelling back and forth to take care of their personal or business reasons.

Offers better travel experience

People who are new to the city find it challenging to commute from one place to another. Especially those who travel with their luggage do not want to struggle in foreign lands. Your app will be an excellent option for such people to experience a smoother journey.

Also, people travelling in groups or with their families can organize their trips without worrying about their commutation.


If you are ready to set up your own airport shuttle services, then it’s time to get your app developed. You can build an on-demand app at a relatively low cost when you opt for Uber clone app for development. The clone apps are available for both Android and iOS platforms. Such apps can be customized as per your business model and offer great value for the money you spend.

Several app development companies offer Uber for shuttle app solutions, along with customization services. You can get in touch with the company of your preference and discuss your requirements. If they fit your needs and budget, you can hand them the job of developing your app right away. Several companies help you not only in customizing your app but also in launching it on the app stores. 

Remember, airport shuttle services are a space that is not fully explored by the on-demand industry. If you set foot in the sector with an advanced application, you can be the leader in the industry in a matter of a few months.

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