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8 Schools in Pune that You Would Want to Check Out

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The best schools in Pune are not just the best because everyone wants to, but they provide a quality education that helps students pursue their career goals. More than just grades, these schools teach children to be responsible and independent individuals who can contribute effectively to society.

Let’s look at the top eight best schools in Pune:

Global Indian International School:

GIIS, one of the top international schools in Pune, has established itself as a premier education provider. With over 3500 students and 14 years since inception, it’s clear that this foundation knows what they are doing to provide quality learning opportunities. 

Its co-educational day programs begin from age three throughout primary school until 12th grade! The CBSE affiliated institution also offers Montessori plus programs where children can get an even more individualized curriculum explicitly tailored towards them.

Sahyadri School:

J.Krishnamurti’s Sahyadri School is a residential school that offers education from Class 4th to 10th grade, and it follows the ICSE board. More than 200 students at this ICSE institution, with 35 faculty members on staff!

Indus International School:

Established in 2008 in Mulshi, this school is managed by the Indus Trust. Meeting global standards through an English medium curriculum with International Baccalaureate (IB) examinations like PYP (Primary Years Program), MYP (Middle Years Program), and DP (Diploma) for the high school students, the school is perfect for children who wish to study abroad in the future.

This modern institution offers par excellence learning opportunities for students aged 3-18 years old, ensuring every child achieves their full potential and fulfils individual goals.

St.Mary’s School:

Established in 1886, St Mary’s school is one of the best known Catholic educational institutions in Pune. This school follows the ICSE board and gives its students a balanced education imbued with Christian values, including respect for all faiths, justice, and equality. This is one of the oldest schools in Pune and amongst CISCE’s top-ranked institutions for imparting education from Pre-nursery to Class 10th. 

The Bishop’s School:

 The Bishop’s School is amongst the top ICSE schools in Pune and provides quality education from pre-nursery up until class 12th. With over 70 classrooms on their sprawling campus, they can accommodate all students regardless of day or boarding schooling arrangements. Sports play a crucial role in what this institution has accomplished, with them winning many football cups and sporting titles such as PSAAA Football Cup 7 times.

The Kalyani School:

The Kalyani School, located in Pune, India, is one of the top CBSE schools. It’s a co-educational English medium day school that imparts education from LKG to Class 8th by teaching creativity and innovation skills through technology integration which helps children learn better than ever before!

The campus has a modern environment for students with 9 acres complete with green spaces and infrastructure like buildings where classes happen every day. 

Army Public School:

The Army Public School provides quality education to students from Class 1st to 12th grade. This institution follows the CBSE board and has been operational since 1988. Having a high Academic Reputation, Sports Education, Life Skills and Conflict Management, this school does live up to its reputation.

Symbiosis International School:

In 2005, the Symbiosis International School was est to provide an international 

Education that is both academically rigorous and deeply human. The school offers programs from primary up to the 12th grade. 

A teacher-student ratio of 1:12 maintains high standards for all students. While also providing them opportunities like sportsmanship or field studies to encourage participation from every individual personality type to develop fully as individuals without feeling alone at any point during their formative years.

These are the best schools in Pune that you would want to check out. If you are looking for CBSE schools in Pune near me, then these eight schools should be on your list!

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