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7 Ways To Incorporate Latest Technology In Your Trade Booth

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Presenting your business in trade shows or exhibitions is a fantastic way to get more customers or enhancing brand awareness. But, for participating in an exhibition should be pre-planned so that you avoid silly mistakes and get maximum return on investment.

You should construct an exhibition stand that can create a good experience for your potential customers just like an exhibition stands UK.

Fortunately, various technological solutions and experiences trade booth designers can help you to beat your competitors during the trade show. Here, in this article, we are going to share some ideas that can help you to make your trade booth technologically advance. 

1. Game Show In Your Booth

Gamification is one of the best ways to attract more people at your booth. There are different types of games that you can add to your booth and catch the attention of your potential customers.

Make sure your game should be informative. It spreads awareness about your brand. You can also announce the award for the winner of your game. The prize should attractive so that competitors vying to get that prize.

2.  Create Interactive Experience

The exhibition floors are busy places, therefore, not everyone can stand in front of your booth to watch your video screen. Therefore, it is imperative to create an interactive experience for trade booth visitors.

You should trigger the curiosity of trade show visitors so that they can resist themselves from going inside your booth. First of all, create attractive messages, after that intriguingly display them with the help of exhibition stand designers.

For instance, if you are going to launch your new application, then giant smartphones are great. It will let your potential customers experience your application on big size phone.  You can also use the touch screen, interactive monitors to deliver an outstanding experience to your trade show visitors.

3.  Invest in Large Size Video Walls

The large size video walls are eye-catching and allow you to display various interactive images on your display panels. If you invest in big size video walls and display interactive brand video in this video wall, then it leaves a good impression on your trade show visitors.

You can also display your social media feed to get in more potential customers inside your booth.  If possible, then ask your event organizer for more exhibition stand design ideas to make your booth more interactive.

4.  Incorporate Augmented Reality

The best way to add the latest technology to your booth is to invest in Augmented technology gadgets. Augmented Reality is huge and people take interest in this latest technology gadgets.

You can start a virtual scavenger hunt at your booth with the help of Augmented Reality. Similarly, you can make use of virtual notes and show your product demonstration. 

5.  Leverage Social Media Discussion

The trade shows or exhibitions provide you an opportunity to interact with your potential customers and also let you make connections with them through online mode.

If you want your connections to be long-lasting, then you should take advantage of the social media platform. It is very important to create your strong presence on a social media platform and extend your reach far away from the event boundary.

You should do some planning before starting your social media page. After creating your social media account, you should e socially active to answer the queries of people. Also, it is an amazing way to get more customers to ar your booth and create a buzz.

6. Provide Mobile Charging Stations

Trade show visitors feel tired after going around and their phone battery is about to die, therefore, you should provide a relaxing lounge along with charging station. Ask your exhibition suppliers to leave space for charging station.

This will attract more people towards your stand and they are ready to spend a few minutes there. This is the time when you can start a discussion with them and describe your products or services.

If you have a charging station on rent, then you should decorate it with your brand colors and logos. It will create the interest of people in your booth.

When people are charging their mobile phones with your charging unit, then they can also check your products, read messages on your wall, watch interactive videos on the screen. This way you can spread brand awareness. 

7. Incorporate Virtual Reality

By introducing virtual reality technology at your booth, you can create an immersive experience for your trade booth visitors. The virtual reality content should be simple.

It can be a simple 360-degree view of your building. Incorporating the virtual reality in your booth is one of the fantastic ways to create a buzz at your booth. It can leave a long-lasting impression on your trade booth.

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