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6 Trends That Every Tech Start-up Must Look Into 2021

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Standing in 2021, industries are grappling with the effects and fallout of the recent global outbreak. And in this, technology has taken the front stage!

From remote working environment to telemedicine support, the transformation has been unique and interesting. You can say the world today is more tech-savvy than ever.

So, if you are planning a side hustle with technology in mind, 2021 will be a crucial year to refine and retool the conventional tech outlook. This article brings you the top six tech trends to watch this year.

In A Gist

  • Crypto breaks into the mainstream with loyalty programs and rewards
  • Artificial Intelligence is powering a sizeable percentage of the business initiatives
  • Big established companies are now relying on remote workers
  • Consumers are getting intrigued by the voice assistant technology
  • Business analytics and process optimization now depend on Big Data
  • Edge computing is leveraging a stable computing environment

The Tech Trends In Detail

Now that you know what you are going to find out in this article let’s start by explaining them. Make sure you are rising above the convention and adapting the trends – only this can help you match steps with the highly competitive market. So, here it goes –

  1. Cryptocurrency –

In 2021, Bitcoin is seemingly marching higher than expected. And, it’s happening all so suddenly. Do you know what’s driving the growth? Well, several factors are leveraging behind the same.

  • Bitcoin gained the trust of investors by breaking a key resistance level
  • Its potential for more stimulus and the rising inflation is constantly pushing investors to safe-haven assets
  • Bitcoin has been fully adopted by the payment gateways like PayPal, which will give people far more easy access to cryptocurrency

These are only a few of the many reasons behind the ambitious and bullish growth of cryptocurrency. While starting up your business, you may consider its influence.

  • Artificial Intelligence –

Artificial intelligence is everywhere! Be it marketing tools or customer service platforms, or smartphones or digital ads, the influence of Artificial Intelligence cannot be ignored. You’ll be surprised to know that 63% of British today make use of AI without even realizing the same. That’s how AI has become an integral part of peoples’ lives.

With few data points, AI can perform what needed in human brains like pattern recognition, decision making, creative endeavours, and much more. Your plans to launch a new venture with AI in mind can be well supported by multiple start-up business loans from UK direct lenders. It works in the background, constantly making the processes faster, efficient, and more accurate.

  • Remote Working Environment

The traditional working environment has seen a complete transformation since the pandemic hit hard in U.K. Earlier, people and businesses were compelling to count on the remote working system. However, today, the concept is widely loved by organizations and their employees.

Thanks to the proliferation of internet service. It is now catering to the corners of the U.K., giving little reason to commute anymore. There are several benefits of trusting the remote working environment, such as more prominent exposure to the talent pool, the opportunity to save pounds, more productivity from the comfort of home, etc.

  • Voice Recognition Technology

When Apple’s voice assistant, Siri, was first released, it intrigued the consumers to a great extent. And now, it has entered and enclosed our life completely. The opportunity of voice recognition technology is vast in every field like agriculture, manufacturing, field service, healthcare, education, the tech industry, and others. Combined with AI, start-ups can succeed in 2021 by developing voice recognition technologies that serve a specific niche.

  • Big Data

People often consider Big Data as large data sets, but that’s definitely not the actual meaning. In the business sense, it refers to larger quantities of data that companies are inundated with day-to-day. These data include inter-operational data and market trends.

Most businesses are successfully harvesting these data to find a new edge in their production and service. You must follow suit to reach the more targeted audience in a far better way.

The primary assets that you can derive from Big Data are the following –

  • Predictive analytics
  • Behavioural analytics
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Business process optimization
  • Organizational optimization
  • High-performance computing
  • Market insight
  • Marketing effectiveness

You should know that the start-ups that are not getting a hand on Big Data may struggle in 2021 and ahead. So, try and adapt to this technology trend as soon as you can.

  • Edge Computing

It is one of the most unexplored trends for tech start-ups. In 2021, this is one of the trends that you must look into for being unique in this competitive world. It is said that start-ups that make strides in edge computing have the potential to transfigure and shake up the technology moving fast and forward.

Are you wondering how edge computing is beneficial? Well, it’s a computation method where the tasks that one is performing in smart-edge devices instead of centralized computing stations. Imagine the size of computers reducing to Smartphone, where you can handle workloads with only one data centre. Ain’t that interesting?

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The Bottom Line

Technology, as said, has no limit. It keeps on improving, and so businesses must be adaptive. As you are planning a start-up in 2021, it will be good for you to leverage the ideas mentioned in this article. It will help you be on trend and make a strong foothold faster in the industry.

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