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5 Emerging HR Tech tools for HR software in India

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HR Technology has been one of the booming industries in India at this point of time. Organizations opting for HR software have generated an ascending productivity curve even during the tough times. HR Tech aims in introducing more tools to increase the efficiency of the HR. 

Let’s dig a little and discuss five such HR Tech tools for HR software in India.

Migration to cloud 

Data has become an integral part of any organization by grabbing a seat in the decision room. This has increased the requirement of storing data on a centralized secure platform. The new emerging tools are aiming to provide a secure centralized platform to store data with easy access  to create transparency within the organization. Easy access and secured storage is ironic. But the emerging new HR tools have made this exist on one platform. 

All ears for the employee

Human resource management aims in creating a healthy bond  with the employees, nurturing the employee. It increases the workload of the HR to plan one on one survey with the employees. The challenges increased with the lockdown. HR tech has introduced tools that can conduct bulk surveys and allows the employees to submit feedback effortlessly. This tool saves time and decreases the workload of the human resource management team. Chatbots, moosbots and social feeds are a few tools that can improve employee engagement and bring a transparent bridge between the employee and the employer. As feedback helps in framing various policies for the betterment of the organization. 

Artificial intelligence for recruitment 

AI came into picture with the motto to eliminate human effort. It automates and standardizes tasks to make operations easier than ever. AI has improvised application tracking systems and automated ensuring to smoothen the strenuous process. Application tracking system filters the resumes in accordance with the required qualifications for the available vacancy in the organization. The tool has been designed in such a way that it notifies the HR with the resumes of the eligible candidates and smoothens the process of recruitment making it more efficient. 

Streamlined and Continuous Communication 

Functioning of the organization depends on the communication at this point of time. It is essential for the organizations to ensure seamless communication to achieve common goals. A better secured platform for communication ensures that the employee receives the required information on time to execute plans for the betterment of the organization. An automated secured platform for communication even encourages cross team collaborations wherein the employees can share ideas and opinions for standard results. Vendors dealing with HR payroll software are aiming for a mobile friendly tool to increase the accessibility and provide the buyers with easier access and efficient interface for betterment. 

Enhancing human involvement 

One of the common myths is that technology will take human elements away from the human resource management system. It is time to revoke such myths. Instead the result is contrary to what the myth states. Enhancing AI in the human resource management system and implementation of HR Payroll software decreases the workload of the Human resource management team to focus on the nitty gritties ensuring better employee experience. One of the most significant results can be predicted is it will remove the communication barrier and will allow the employees to experience transparency in the organization. 

These are few of the emerging tools that HR Tech world aims to enhance. HR payroll software equipped with these tools can generate better results increasing the productivity curve. Having said that, it is essential to keep in mind that with more options comes a plethora of confusion. A buyer looking for any such software as a solution should keep in mind the requirements of the organization.

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