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3 Signs That It’s Time to Update Your Website

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How often should you update your website? There are quite a lot of speculations about it but the most simple answer to this question is “as often as it requires updating”. Moreover, website updates can be in all shapes and sizes, be it minor time to time updates or a full website revamp. Though it depends on the goals and priorities of your business yet it is considered to be important to keep the website updated for the sake of customers and search engines.

Because when a website is regularly updated, the chances for Google to recognize and treat it as relevant also increases. Since the technology is moving faster with the latest upgrades every now and then, it is important to ensure that your website is updated accordingly. And for that, you must look to hire professional assistance from an experienced web design and development company. However, if you are still in the phase where you’re still not sure whether your website needs an update or not, let’s discuss some of the top signs to update your website. 

Top Signs To Update Your Site –

  • Your Website is Outdated 

Can you recall when was the last time you updated your website? Well, if you can’t remember, maybe now is the time for it because the time in which the website is built plays a key role in its performance and user experience. Just like any other language, website design also has languages and terms as codes and that quickly gets old-fashioned. So by not updating your codes, you’ll just close the doors to use any feature that needs upgrading. However, a website can be called outdated because of many reasons, which includes its content and even the look and feel of it. Because web design trends keep evolving so in order to be relevant in the marketplace, you need to update your website every 2-4 years with fresh designs and navigation items.

  • Your Website Takes Longer To Load

Another very crucial sign is the loading speed of your website. Since there’s tough competition in the marketplace so you have to make sure that your website loads faster. Because if your website doesn’t load in a few seconds, your users will tend to leave your website and move on with the other one as they want convenience and fast loading pages. Moreover, according to statistics, more than half of the mobile visitors leave a page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to loadHaving a faster loading speed not only helps in increasing the time span of your visitors on your website, but it is also important in the eyes of Google. Because if your website loads slowly, Google will choose and prioritize other sites over yours. 

  • The decrease in Sales and Leads

A website is the most crucial asset of any business as it increases the traffic on the web and those visitors can become potential customers for your business. But what if your website is doing just the opposite of it for your website? Would you be wanting to keep continuing with that website without making any changes? Well, you cannot afford to go with the same old fashioned website of yours as it can majorly impact the sales and leads of your business. So, if you don’t want a huge decline in the number of sales and leads, then the best you can do is to go for redesigning your website to give your business a boost, this one is the one of the top signs to update your website.

Taking all these signs into consideration, we hope that you will be able to update your website but of course to make the most of your process, you’ll be needing an extra hand of help. Auxesis Infotech is all set for that as it is counted as a highly rated web design and development company having years and years of experience in web services and a wonderful team of well-trained designers and developers.

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