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10 Tips to Help You Boost Your SEO For Multiple Location

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Are you looking for a way to make your website discoverable for multiple locations but don’t know how? Well, this is where SEO for multiple locations comes in handy! Although multi location SEO may sound complex, it is certainly doable!

You can optimize your website in specific ways to make your brand be found by users from multiple locations. This method could catalyze your online growth if you are a business owner with a presence in various locations. So, how do you do SEO for multiple locations? If you are wondering the same, you are at the right place. 

This blog will simplify the process for you by providing excellent tips that work. So, keep reading to know more about this process.

What is SEO for multiple locations?

To tackle this question, let’s take a look at a small example:

Say you have a restaurant with branches in New York, San Francisco, and London. So, how do you make it so that when a user searches for information related to your business, your website is the first thing they see? 

Easy! All you have to do is optimize your website for all the locations your business is in. So when a user in New York searches for your restaurant, they will see a list of all the nearby branches. Similarly, if they search the same query in London, they can find your restaurant based in London. 

SEO for multiple locations helps the search engine differentiate between multiple areas where a business might be located. This way the local customers will be able to get all the information they need about your nearest branch. To know more about multi-location SEO keep reading the section below.

Why is Multi Location SEO so Important?

Now that the first question is out of the way let’s look at the second question. What makes multi location SEO so important? Following are the three primary reasons why getting your website optimized for multiple locations is so important:

Improved audience reach

If your business is located in New York, you do not need to attract a customer living in India. On the other hand, it does not make sense for people in India to see your London branch when conducting a local search. Therefore, SEO for multiple locations is crucial. 

It helps customers and search engines find the right place based on the user’s location. This way, if you are an Indian visiting London, you will be shown the London branches of Starbucks and not the ones in India.

Higher ranking

Location is a pretty important element that could affect your ranking. Therefore, when you hire SEO services to optimize your website, they create separate pages for each business location. 

They want to ensure your business ranks for the relevant location. Additionally, the users will get location-specific data for their region to avoid confusion, leading to lower bounce rates and higher SERP ranking.

Increased brand awareness

SEO experts also use multi location SEO to boost your brand awareness. When your business is optimized for multiple locations, naturally, it will appear in the relevant search queries. This way, more users will be able to discover the presence of your business. And the more they discover your business, the better your brand awareness.

All in all, we can agree to the fact that SEO for multiple locations will only bring you benefits. 

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Tips to conduct a successful SEO for multiple locations

Now that we have established the fact that SEO is important for businesses with multiple branches. We can now move to the part where you will learn how to improve your SEO efforts. 

These tips have proven to produce good results, which is why so many professional SEOs use them. Keep reading because these tips can actually help boost your business growth.

Stick to single-domain

Rather than opting for different domains per location, creating separate pages for each location on your website is better. Many businesses commit the mistake of creating a whole new domain for each location, which severely costs their marketing efforts. 


Optimize each page with location-specific keyword

When you optimize each of these pages with location-specific keywords, you ensure it will be found on the relevant search. Keywords are the main factors that help search engines understand whether your content is relevant or not. 

So, for every branch, you must find the top-performing keyword and optimize the page with it. This is one of the best practices when conducting SEO for multiple locations.

Do not forget to claim your Google business profile listings

Sign up for Google My Business by creating a Google account with a listing of each location. Google allows you to manually add additional locations. 

By creating a proper Google listing, you can provide the users with the necessary information. Thus, Google’s business profile is a good beginning for businesses that wish to advertise in multiple locations. 

Sign up for local business directories

While getting listed on Google My Business is good, that does not mean you should avoid local directories. Getting listed on local directories is an excellent way for business to improve their overall ranking on the local SERP. 

Publish location-specific content

Content is the driving force behind the success of any website. You should also opt for translations of pages to fit any language divisions and sentiments. 

For instance, if your brand caters to audiences in the Middle East, you must translate your page into Arabic. But, ensure that it’s not a blind translation, but the sentiments and colloquialisms have been considered.

Thus, if you want to rank in the top spots, it’s crucial you create content specifically optimized for each branch. 

Keyword stuffing is a big NO!

In your desire to get better results, you may be tempted to overstuff your pages with relevant local keywords. However, remember that keyword stuffing is considered a negative ranking factor. So, by overstuffing, you are actually harming your website. 

Avoid duplicate content at all costs.

Just like keyword stuffing, duplicate content can be very harmful to your website. By creating duplicate content, you are confusing the search engine. Consequently, it will prefer other websites and give you a low ranking. 

A low ranking is the last thing you expect while doing SEO for multiple locations. Although creating unique content for each page may seem daunting, you cannot avoid it. 

Earn local reviews

As a business owner, you might already know that reviews can make or break your business. One bad review and your business might never see success again. 

Although managing reviews can be difficult, there are many ways for you to earn good reviews and improve your reputation. You can even use your reviews as a marketing strategy because reviews express the true thoughts of your customers and are, therefore, more reliable.

Link building is key

Link Buiding is hands down one of the best strategies ever to improve a website’s ranking. You, too, can use this strategy to improve your SEO for multiple locations. The more quality links you have, the better authority and ranking your website will have.  

For citation, consistency is the key

No matter what channel, one thing that you should always make sure of is that you remain consistent with your information. The name, address, phone number, etc, are vital information and thus should be consistent throughout the website. 

Citation helps you drive leads; therefore, you must remain consistent.

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Overall, the benefits of SEO for multiple locations are undeniable. You can use SEO to enhance your online presence and drive steady traffic across all your branches. 

This way, you can efficiently utilize the power of the internet to your advantage and be found by potential customers. With the right strategy and best practices, there is no stopping you. Therefore, save time thinking, get ready, and start following these tips for the best results.

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